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After I painted Portrait of Fairy, and of Yulia… Their mother wished that I painted her portrait. And Yulia also connected to me and asked me to paint her with her family… Yeah with her first portrait was very strange thing… I painted her like entering to the garden of a house, as she was standing in the enter. Strange, but they long time lived in the appartment they rent.. and after that they was needed to buy a house/appartment… So Yulia asked me to paint them all together, and she noticed that things I paint go in reality, so she asked me to paint her less weight again, and also to paint their new house big like a castle… So that ‘s why appeared this portrait of Family…

Tonia, their mother, she likes a lot Jullieta, so she choosed that I paint her in dress of Jullieta from that Great movie “Romeo and Jullieta”. I found by internet the dress. But nstead of Verona, she more wanted to be in Venice. And also she asked me to paint her younger, as she in 21, she brought me the photos of her that time.

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