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Yulia is a sister of Alyona, who is that little Fairy, my third order… So their mother first make a present for Alyona, for her birthday, and then decided to make a surprise for her elder daughter, who lives in Australia. So she gave me a lot of her photos, and video, told me a lot about her, what she likes to do, to read… Also she was a bit fat in that time, and her mother asked me to make her less… So I painted her. Yeah was a little bit difficult to paint her face, because i never talked to her, never see her… But ok, i did in this way, and her mother said that I did it well, it looks like Yulia. So she talked to her by skype, and she put portrait behind her… SO they began to talk, Yulia saw a portrait and begin to scream:” Mother, mother, move…” and put it closer I want to see it well… So she likes it, over a few monthes her mother had to move to Australia for holidays, and bring the portrait to Yulia.

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