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Ok, Last week I upoloaded my not so big collection to my ArtWanted. So this collection appeared when one my friend needed a photographer, cause she was involveed to make a design for one night club. And she knew I work sometimes as a photographer and she asked me to help. I was not mind. So we checked club for what design they already have. And it was design Like big posters of Models, girs as angels and with skyscrapes. So we desided to make it close to their style. And the idea why she was asked do it, cause she can draw nice images on the body like TATTOO.
Over a few days we had one day of work in one club. She asked her friend to help, to work like a models. And She drawed imges and I took pictures. Oh, my God, I have so much this pics. probably when I will be a bit more free I will edit another pictures too. Ok, after I had may be a week and a half of edition. And now I publlished the choosed photos.

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