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Flowers 2007

Flowers 2007

Flowers and paperThese three works appeared in the same tim, may be during 1 month. First during two days I painted 2 ?canvases with “Camomiles” & “Flowers & Paper”. They both are combined oil painting with acrylic. Just wanted to practice with flowers, and paint smth tiny and sweet. And also to try with acryl a bit.CamomiliesAnother painting “Lily” appeared may be week later. I used a paint-knife to paint this painting. Only for some thin moment I used a paint brush. ?Anyway it was so grey in that time in my life i mean as inside as outside in the world. I lived with in the most grey city in the world. This city nt only grey outside it also grey inside. When you are there u can see this color in eyes of million people who constantly lived inside this city… So I suppose main reason why i painted these three works was I needed colors. Hot bright south fantastic color nothng more.
Well currently these three works are sold. But anyway they are available as prints versions on the next links:
and also possible dirrectly connect to me and order this works (any size u wish).Lily



“Untitled”( first name – “Refreshing for Love.Rose for you.”).

Technical comment: First of all I have idea to paint selfportrait with a sky as a background. But the idea that to paint me in the mirror and to have a sky on the background and real sky. So for that I changed position of my big mirror and opened window as much as I could. Though bad thing I lived in the first flour in that time, and we had a lot of small trees next to the window. And well I could see sky, but bad thing in the room was dark. Probably I must to put more reflexes to my face. So in my opinion this portrait doesn’t have too much good technical background. Cause for me the shadows are too much dark. Though on another hand these shadows add to portrait that mood that it has.

Idea: to paint selfportrait with rose and sky background. And I wanted to try to convey my feelings to canvas. So on one hand I can say I could do it. Though on anothe hand NOT, cause idea was Painting about Love. But there is mre suffering, sadness, than Love. Cause that period when I have begun this work my mood was so discouraged & miserable. While I was considering this idea, my mood was good. I felt Love without Pain in my heart. But then all changed and all these terrible, unpleasant things appeared in my soul, heart and mind.Well the idea/better say reason to paint a rose as an element for this painting, the same as for painting :Chrystal Sphere” was the roses that weirdly appeared in my house during few evening that summer. Anyway till this time I still don’t know send me these roses. My house was full of these roses. And a part of them I conveyedto these 2 paintings. Anyway if “Chrystal Sphere” has magic magnetic weird secret light soft feeling of Love. This Second Painting doesn’t have it.
Why Title was changed – hmm well that is the question. I changed it, ’cause I understood it doesn’t match. Tell me does smb can find anything abt refreshing for love in this Painting? I can’t…

Price – lol, I just saw a price. Hmm well may be I will consider. But anyway if to remember all that pain I have I think the price even small. But in my opinion when I considering it just like a work I think why soo big…. Ok may be I will find any solution.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Today I have finished this new painting “Desert Rose/Beauty of a Naked Girl”. Decision accidentally appered in my mind last week and I today I felt me so ready to make it, well ready to take paintbrush and begin. But during a hour of painting I understood, that I could finish this one today. 1 hour more and paintng was done :) Hope u like result ?

Wanna a bit more info follow this link

Confessions of a coffee-rot mind

Confessions of a coffee-rot mind

pink princessa million sighs are surrended
confessions, of a coffee rot mind
between the creative mind and
a head full of too much coffee, heh
an ongoing battle between art and too much thinking

Her Feetnot sure if it’s the wind,
rain or the noises outside
the seashore always gently breaks
softly at the feet of a sweet pink princess

Windowa million sighs are surrended whenever
my affections think softly of this pink princess
the roses, in my garden… that i planted for her
can and will never replace her

to be or not to be… she truly is
to be… the coffee that she drinks
not to be… any evil she has in her soul
a candle so softly burns, in her shadow

like the seashore outside her window
my affections, are the waves breaking
on her toes, that wash her feet
my affections, that wash her feet
her shadow, will never replace her

with the softest eyes
softer than 10,000 bags of marshmellow
with the gentlest looks
more gentle, than a litter of puppies
playing on a summer’s day

she holds the universe, with one brush of her hair
sets the oceans awash, with one gentle smile
like a crushing portrait, forever brushing my affections
with the gentlest looks, sets the oceans awash

strawberry smiles and the softest touch
she makes the nightsky seem pretty ordinary
the softest eyes, like a crushing portrait
a litter of puppies,will never replace her
the moonlight, that she gazes upon
my affections, like the oceans
forever will wash her feet

lit by her burnt out candle
her shadow, will never replace her
the sandcastles that are washed away
outside her window, she gazes upon the castles
made of sand, being washed away
softly, at the feet, of a pink princess

Freedom in the Cage

Freedom in the Cage

Another Strange period of my life made me paint this work. Though before it I thought about the idea for this painting and image of this painting appeared in my sketchpad time to time. But anyway it was just like interesting composition, without meaning. It was empty, Just sitting girl, holding a window in her arms. In that January before I painted this work I accidentally understood, this girl was me… And I’m holding in My arms this window, that is my freedom. Which seems to be in the cage, though from another side it’s FREEDOM, & HOW FREEDOM COULD BE INSIDE THE CAGE? So in this case I’m in the cage holding the only window I have there and which is like a cage. But that is where my Freedom belong to.
If to think about a technical part of this painting. So well here i am using a traditional method of oil painting. Though well if to open cards, in this work I in the second time was using the real white color. Till Dec. 2005 I always made the white color by myself, buying a special powder.

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