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Another Strange period of my life made me paint this work. Though before it I thought about the idea for this painting and image of this painting appeared in my sketchpad time to time. But anyway it was just like interesting composition, without meaning. It was empty, Just sitting girl, holding a window in her arms. In that January before I painted this work I accidentally understood, this girl was me… And I’m holding in My arms this window, that is my freedom. Which seems to be in the cage, though from another side it’s FREEDOM, & HOW FREEDOM COULD BE INSIDE THE CAGE? So in this case I’m in the cage holding the only window I have there and which is like a cage. But that is where my Freedom belong to.
If to think about a technical part of this painting. So well here i am using a traditional method of oil painting. Though well if to open cards, in this work I in the second time was using the real white color. Till Dec. 2005 I always made the white color by myself, buying a special powder.

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