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a million sighs are surrended
confessions, of a coffee rot mind
between the creative mind and
a head full of too much coffee, heh
an ongoing battle between art and too much thinking

not sure if it’s the wind,
rain or the noises outside
the seashore always gently breaks
softly at the feet of a sweet pink princess

a million sighs are surrended whenever
my affections think softly of this pink princess
the roses, in my garden… that i planted for her
can and will never replace her

to be or not to be… she truly is
to be… the coffee that she drinks
not to be… any evil she has in her soul
a candle so softly burns, in her shadow

like the seashore outside her window
my affections, are the waves breaking
on her toes, that wash her feet
my affections, that wash her feet
her shadow, will never replace her

with the softest eyes
softer than 10,000 bags of marshmellow
with the gentlest looks
more gentle, than a litter of puppies
playing on a summer’s day

she holds the universe, with one brush of her hair
sets the oceans awash, with one gentle smile
like a crushing portrait, forever brushing my affections
with the gentlest looks, sets the oceans awash

strawberry smiles and the softest touch
she makes the nightsky seem pretty ordinary
the softest eyes, like a crushing portrait
a litter of puppies,will never replace her
the moonlight, that she gazes upon
my affections, like the oceans
forever will wash her feet

lit by her burnt out candle
her shadow, will never replace her
the sandcastles that are washed away
outside her window, she gazes upon the castles
made of sand, being washed away
softly, at the feet, of a pink princess

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