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Well, to be honest this idea is as accidental as long planed on another hand. First it appeared in summer 2006, exactly before i moved to Russia. But the way i decided to do it appeared accidentally. First, funny thing, when i was buying canvas with these measuries i had an idea to paint one work, but really SORRY what I think about buying this canvas, LOL, I forgot, lol. I thought to much & anyway i cant remember. So i used another canvases, & then i accidentally returned to this my idea. And in this moment i felt exactly how i need to make it. Well also during I was finishing this first part I understood that during a while will appear two more another works. Like a another two parts of this work. I will publish their photos in process in the end of this entry.

Technic characteristic.
For painting this work I was using a paint knife. And paint brushes for making a details. For a this period of time I like to use a paint knife.
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