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Here I just want to share some my old pictures of my old appartment where me with my mom were making some designs of interior. So 1st is the fresco on the wall of the hall:

In front of this wall we had a table with arm-chairs and other walls of the room had the wall-papers with bricked wall image & with growing leaves… So room had some little effect that arm-chairs standing next to the garden.

That is a balcony where I made a fresco on the ceiling and walls…


And here some pics of the enter… This is combiation of reproductions of some art paitngs, or photos of sculptures and just simple parts of cutted wall papers. Ah and also I added thee some red drops that was a gift japanese paper. There was a small hall and I like this design for walls ’cause it reminds me library…

So such appartment I did have… And with my mom we were decorating it…

All these photos also can be found on My Flickr

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