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Today after I came back home late after work…

?I still watd to paint or do something creative… But I still did’t have time to buy me diluet for contiuing with my fresco… And of couse I could continue with paintings but I firstly need to decide the problem with hell in my room which will be decided while I will finish fresco….

But I had very big wish and desire to make something creative… Plus I bought a bit gummy bears to take a pics. So I decided to try to make something with what I have. I didn’t have good camera with me, and I don’t have even Photoshop on this net book. So I used my Nokia 5610 Express Music ( ppl remember please NOW I KNOW I m a fan of NOKIA SMARTPHONES NOT A PHONES lol). Ad right now I just finished putting the signs in flickr piknic editor to photographies… Hope you like my gummy bears… For me they are reminding an Apple style


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