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Crazy Bottles 06-07

Crazy Bottles 06-07

Last week I was telling that I was preparing canvases for continuing on Crazy Bottles. So i had idea to create those two works. but soo sad I was sick last week and only on Friday could begin with those ideas. Here I am publishing those two works that I have created during Friday and Saturday:

Crazy Bottles 06

Crazy Bottles 06

Crazy Bottles 07

Crazy Bottles 07

Google Wave

Google Wave

This is still an early preview of Google Wave, so you may run into some bumps along the way but we look forward to your feedback.” as said in wave-invitation.

I recently got my google wave.
Before clicking the link I have read carefully all the text of invitation e-mail.

* This link will only work for one invitation to Google Wave, it cannot be shared!

Noticed: “(If you do not have a Google account, you will be prompted to create one)“. Well I do have enough.

So e-mail was sent to my yuliakatkova”at”gmail, but I have a re-direct, so I was reading it on my another e-mail –, which is not gmail, but also does have a google account. In that moment this google account I also had opened with Google Reader.
So clicked the link & was signing up with wrong Google account.

I had a sign up page, where was already entered, and I needed only to put a password. And I put password of that account and signed in. However system didn’t tell me that: “Sorry your Google account didn’t have a wave”. But let me sign in.

Well but it doesn’t work properly. Check a print screen.


Click here for full size

i don’t have a green dots when contacts online, I don’t have my status. And when somebody writes me something I see it, and response, but somebody doesn’t get it.

Now I guess probably wave-team made possible changing of google account specially, in case when person got invitation to let him/her switch to his/her another google account. Though on the sign in page they need to make a notable question: “Are you sure you would like to sign in with this Google Account?”

Or they need to not let people enter with other than gmail google accounts. ‘Cause you see even though in generally I do have a Google wave, hmm it doesn’t work. Or to check out how wave work with the google accounts which has other e-mail address, not gmail.

And in help there is not such kind of the troubleshootings.

And another thing I am disappointed, I didn’t find where I can get a feedback. Well I do really like to be heard like a many other ppl. And I like to get a constructive response. Not like here contact us:
a. The fastest way to find answers is to look in our Help Center.
b. Have a great idea or suggestion? Let us know!
c. The next fastest way to get help is to post your question to the Help Forum.

Yeah of course I have three options to get answer, but no way to get my exact answer and what I can do to fix it.

Though I guess I just have to wait one of two things:
1. I’ll get a new invitation..
2. They’ll fix a Google wave for such google accounts like mine.

Anyway within I have a fewer experience of using Google wave I can’t describe a constructive portrait of it :)



Just a quick post that I am making meanwhile working on sketches for new thing. Here some photos I took last month. Am putting them just ’cause I’m finding them cute.

toys 10

toys 09

toys 08

toys 07

toys 06

toys 05

toys 04

toys 03

toys 02

toys 01



Yesterday was making a photo session of my small toys-cats. I had two reasons, a. I recently bought two new cats ( poor ones they still didn’t get a names), and b. I needed to practice with camera, cause I recently found out the dpi of photos is not soo perfect. So I was checking changing different functions of camera and was watching the result.

Cats 01

This photo and few more down on the background have a screen of mac with playing screensaver ( blue sky with news). I put mac as an open book on the side. On this photo I just used only the black part of screen and flash, so the blue light has disappeared.

Cats 02

Those two cats are boy and girl, Marquisa & Marquise.

Cats 03

One of newest cats, she still not get name. And on this photo you can see the effect of blue light I got from screen. Look like she is in front of aquarium in dolphinarium.

Cats 04

Second new cat.

Cats 12

I was so excited taking photos, so forgot about food I was making me for lunch. And it was burned a bit xD. And so yesterday I was eating something really strange… Well I put some lemon on it to try to save it, and the taste became so-so, I mean more suitable for eating.

Cats 11

Cats 10

Cats 09

Cats 08

Cats 07

Cats 06

Cats 05

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