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Yesterday was making a photo session of my small toys-cats. I had two reasons, a. I recently bought two new cats ( poor ones they still didn’t get a names), and b. I needed to practice with camera, cause I recently found out the dpi of photos is not soo perfect. So I was checking changing different functions of camera and was watching the result.

This photo and few more down on the background have a screen of mac with playing screensaver ( blue sky with news). I put mac as an open book on the side. On this photo I just used only the black part of screen and flash, so the blue light has disappeared.

Those two cats are boy and girl, Marquisa & Marquise.

One of newest cats, she still not get name. And on this photo you can see the effect of blue light I got from screen. Look like she is in front of aquarium in dolphinarium.

Second new cat.

I was so excited taking photos, so forgot about food I was making me for lunch. And it was burned a bit xD. And so yesterday I was eating something really strange… Well I put some lemon on it to try to save it, and the taste became so-so, I mean more suitable for eating.

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