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Lover of Coffee

Lover of Coffee

Lover of Coffee

“Lover of Coffee”
Feb. 27 2010
30 x 90 cm
Lima, Peru

O.K. :
Still-life really reminds me the scene of the “Alice in Wonderland”, when it’s always 6.00 p.m. and it’s always the time for tea. And we understand – the painter is that Alice, but now she’s grown up. We see she is not a little girl. Now she has much necessary deals & businesses; mac, iphone tell us about serious part of our Alice. Because of it cups of tea and coffee were not removed and are standing here in disorder. Anyway we see that Alice is funny, playful and inside her soul she still is a little girl. It;s signified by the picture of Bard Simpson.
However some sad thoughts come to our mind. We see that time is stopped for our Alice right now. And it’s always 6.00 p.m., and it’s always time for tea now. Anyway this Painting has a lot of red color. It is full of it. Red that is passion, and it is clear that it is prevailing in soul of Alice. So we understand all what she does, she is doing with a passion. And because of it we really believe that red will win and time to tea will pass soon.

Time to time I was thinking on painting still-life on a long skinny canvas. First I did it in “And there was a morning…” Then as you all may know I have an addiction on previewing photos (art photos in generally). My boyfriend visited Buenos Aires last year (summer time) and met one young photographer Lola Beltrán. So I came across her blog & was inspired by one bar table photo-shot.

After that I was reviewing this idea in my mind. And also was searching on other different details I may use in it…
…Ok, open one my secret: I have a special folder “Ideas” on my mac with many other sub-folders: such as “Coffee Break” (a raw name of this still-life), one of folders just misc. (with interesting inspiring things), folder BGs with interesting view. So some of them are exact ideas, another just interesting thing, objects, views. I keep pictures as taken by me as by others…
So on Dec. I decided to begin this work. I made a sketch on canvas, so all objects were set on their place ( not about coffee beans, this cute smelled detail appeared on the final days. The only thing I couldn’t figured out what should go on the sketch (sheet of paper). So i left it for a while for thinking…
On the end of January I decided to come back to it, however I still were worried about this paper-sheet. And cups were so distracted. Those day on my daily sketches you might see a cups of coffee.
Daily Sketch Book 022 - 365
It was one of solutions for a paper sheet… However I changed it. Before the final day of painting I had a strange mood. And for changing it put one of discs of Simpsons series to watch, laugh, relax and think in other way… The phrase “Eat My Shorts” I knew for a long time… but that day I found this phrase represented my mood. It even was a name of My Mood for that day… So I decided to put it in there.

Lines of me

Lines of me

Lines Of Me

The most recent painting. 40 x 40 cm.

Lines of Me - photo original

Here a photo of the still-life.

Beginning first day.

First day as i left it till second day…

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