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Sky Surgery

Sky Surgery

On this Monday I had surgery. First I thought it will be only on my head, but then Yulia decided to change full my body inside. Here some photos During & After:

Sky Surgery-1
Sky Surgery-3
Sky Surgery-5
Sky Surgery-7
Sky Surgery-9
Sky Surgery-11
Sky Surgery-12
Sky Surgery-14

Flowered Expression

Flowered Expression

Yulia: Here I was trying to use a free and quick technique. I wanted to put emotions through the wet and quick paint brush. I guess I did it just the way I was imagining it.

Flowered Expression

Olya: This painting is something new for Yulia art. New style, new vision. Anyway, when I first time saw it I really understood it is not style of Yulia, but when I looked to Camomile I felt it is her hand, because Chamomile strangely reminds me of her. Anyway I feel a lot of expression and passion. It is like the huge amount of colors. Slender vase as opposite to huge bouquet of flowers. And young painter with huge amount of feelings, emotions, colors and passion. That is how I feel about this still-life.

Lines of Me. Gwen & Cactuses.

Lines of Me. Gwen & Cactuses.

Olya: A hot, a really very hot background and like an opposite fresh cactuses with the cool shadows like a breeze. Pretty cactuses are such because they all are different, with each own character, own shape, color. Gwen, a little red cat with green, clever, and a little sad eyes, or even much more than just a little. She seems to be in the forest or jungles. Her eyes are soo green like all cactuses  are reflected on them in the same time. I feel something exotic in this painting. May be it is a feeling about exotic country where Yulia lives now???  And she is this little red cat???

Gwen & Cactus

This is a third painting from my Toy Collection – Lines of Me. Main character here as you may see is my cat Gwen. She has a twin bro teddy bear with name Stefan/Stephan. They got names after Gwen Stefani.

In this painting I was trying to use a volume effect, to make objects not just painted but let them have a real volume. So for that I used a paint base and for some cactuses I used rice.

Gwen & Cactus Progress 03

Gwen & Cactus Progress 02
Gwen & Cactus Progress 01
Gwen & Cactus Progress 07
Gwen & Cactus Progress 06
Gwen & Cactus Progress 05
Gwen & Cactus Progress 04

Dream-Girl of Ghirardelli

Dream-Girl of Ghirardelli


I am Ghirardelli and I am dreaming about a girl. Once I was in love with a beautiful lady, hmm well she was a baby-lady. But hse was very very pretty. Though she even didn’t have a name. Here her picture:


I am still watching her pictures that Yulia took and remember the time few weeks while she was here with me. So sad she was a present for a small girl.


Then I had a time of thinking of my life, and making friends over here, missing my home city – San-Francisco, missing my friends and most of Chocolate Ghirardelli. Month ago my dad was in NY and he promised me to find a girl. I truly believed he would bring her. He did brought me a girl as he said, but she is a piece of art (“Girl with many eyes” by Tim Burton), she is not a person. It’s same as he brought me “Mona Lisa”.
G & G

She is a wonderful toy, but she is not my girlfriend.

Now all last days I was thinking about a dream-girl for me. Who may it be… And I stepped upon flickr images of fabulous dolls: Blythe Doll… So cute girls… But I am not sure if my humans buy me her (price $40 – 200). However Yulia likes them too. So everything is possible.

Then I looked more and found girls with chicken faces with brand-name – Dall ( price – $31.99 – 120). Yulia likes them too. But i should search the size of them, ’cause what if they are taller than me, or too small.

Meanwhile I am searching the height as of Blythe as of Dall, I saw elder sisters of Dall – Pullip ( $31.99 – 155.99). About this one Yulia said cute. And I think she looks like Scarlett Johansson, same as Yulia’s mom said me.

And then I found one unbelievable beautiful doll Supia – Yisol. Well I began to look for the price of this one, and found she sells by $375. But she is soo amazing, however don’t much me by size, she is 42,5 cm.

Well I saw many girls by internet, but still cant decide which one be my dream-girl. Well time will show, may be it will be a teddy bear… Ok, we will see it

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