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Olya: A hot, a really very hot background and like an opposite fresh cactuses with the cool shadows like a breeze. Pretty cactuses are such because they all are different, with each own character, own shape, color. Gwen, a little red cat with green, clever, and a little sad eyes, or even much more than just a little. She seems to be in the forest or jungles. Her eyes are soo green like all cactuses  are reflected on them in the same time. I feel something exotic in this painting. May be it is a feeling about exotic country where Yulia lives now???  And she is this little red cat???

This is a third painting from my Toy Collection – Lines of Me. Main character here as you may see is my cat Gwen. She has a twin bro teddy bear with name Stefan/Stephan. They got names after Gwen Stefani.

In this painting I was trying to use a volume effect, to make objects not just painted but let them have a real volume. So for that I used a paint base and for some cactuses I used rice.

Gwen & Cactus Progress 02

Gwen & Cactus Progress 01

Gwen & Cactus Progress 07

Gwen & Cactus Progress 06

Gwen & Cactus Progress 05

Gwen & Cactus Progress 04

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