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Lines of Me, Sky. Naked Truth.

Lines of Me, Sky. Naked Truth.

Today earlier morning I have finished this my new self-portrait:

Lines of Me, Sky. Naked truth.

Idea for this painting came to me accidentally. When I was checking photos of Natalia Vodyanova ( top-model).

Natalia Vodyanova

Firstly I thought to use a small white kitten and so I could have a connection with last year painting “Sad Kitten“. But anyway I don’t have and never had a WHITE kitten. So I decided to stop on second option to use Sky. Option with Sky let me connect this painting with toy series of works with name “Lines of Me”. In which I am trying to show some my lines through the image of one of my fluffy. So Sky was next in line to be painted. But lately after I already finished this work I understood that choice of Sky is also good. Sky as a personage is always telling truth and never lies. So the second part of painting title “Naked Truth” is telling about this line of Sky/me.


I had a very very very busy day on Friday July 09 but I anyway found 2 hours to change my hair, which lol was dirty and to take pics specially for this work. Of course I do not like that much to paint my self-portraits by pics, but this one is better this way.

Progress - Detail

This is yesterday night 11 p.m. 6 hours before it was done…

Progress - Detail

Same time close-up, was taken for discussing it with mom.

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