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Oh, I know well this story.
It is from Yulia’s childhood, when we were constantly fantasizing, inventing stories about her toys, as living beings. There was a lot of characters among her toys. We always were continuing and continuing our fantasies during our free time, whether when we were doing something, or were walking.
There was one wonderfull personage, with name Tuzello, he is very, very, very talanted boy, and always has a huge amount of ideas (Like Yulia). And all his ideas were Great (not just great but Great or GREAT). And idea for this painting was one of such Great ideas of Tuzello. In our “imaginarium” he had a wonderful photo session taken at a beautiful green meadow. The cute girls with the paper planes on the grass.
And now I see Yulia on this grass with these paper planes. All is so bright, so nice, like our stories, our fantasies of that time. May be it is a nostalgia for our fantasies, or simply bright memories from that time, and it still leaves in her mind. Though…I think I need rephrase: she still lives in this fantstic world. And it is so wonderfull. I wish that she lived there always. ’cause it is a kind, good world with interesting things and events, sometimes with impossible changes in the lives of the personages.
Anyway it is very beautiful: Redhaired girl and white paper plans on the bright grass. I love it so much.

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