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Today I had to delete the old free-hosted website that I had since 2005. It was necessary thing, because it misled people, who wish to contact me and who still were leaving the comments on guestbook, which I check very rare. Of course on another side it was a sad event because I had a lot of memories and thoughts connected with this piece of web. Stuff that I will remember and cherish in my mind. Autumn 2004 – Summer 2005 time when I got idea that as an artist I had to have a website, and how I was making errors, by searching the right way to create a website, and how I was understanding all that system of internet and etc…

That’s why for all these my memories, for their long years of life I took a full web page’s print screens:

freaka-juliano | Art of FRE@K@_01 Home

Home Page

freaka-juliano | Art of FRE@K@_17 Still Lifes

Still-Lifes Gallery

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