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Last week in “Oveja Negra” saw that right now there is happening an exhibition “El Inquilino : Muestra bipersonal de Mónica Cuba e Isabelle Decencière” in gallery “Dédalo” in Barranco. And because it was a last week of this show I decided to catch it.
In generally I like the Cats concept in works Isabelle Decencière:

Isabelle Decencière / Exposición de gatos

I wouldn’t say I fell in love with cats by Mónica Cuba, but she really makes the cool art object:

Mónica Cuba / Art Objects

Sad thing of Dédalo is that they don’t allow take pictures inside the gallery.
And then I decided that it is also possible to go to gallery “Lucia de la Puente” which is in front of “Dédalo”. There were two expositions: “Fernando de la Jara / Poesía Visual” and at the second floor “Kenji Nakama: Mutacion y Desborde”.

Fernando de la Jara / Muchacha y sofá

Works by Fernando de la Jara have an interesting ideas and interpretation. But for me many of them don’t have an aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective, i. e. object on the background have same strength as objects on the front. And because of that it feels like it’s missed the accents.
I like his work “Christines Traum” & “Pescadores”.

Fernando de la Jara / "Pescadores"

Mom in front of “Pescadores”.

Fernando de la Jara Christines Traum

The Paper works by Kenji Nakama are incredible.

Kenji Nakama

Kenji Nakama

Kenji Nakama

Kenji Nakama

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