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This is a last look of December, which I found when stored files.
It includes few drawing-attention accents: a. red hat, b. pigtail, c. tie, d. bicolored shoes (which actually not “bi”, but I made them be).
So anyway if you like it you can hype it over here: lookbook – red hat + tie I will be very grateful for that



 On the days when it is sunny and I am not in mood wearing solar block all over my skin I put more clothing… I think sun block cover my skin so it can’t breath, so with sun block on I feel more hot than with shirt.

The bad thing about Converse: why  they don’t make them with heels… There are some other brands that actually do, like Ash Spot Canvas Heel for Rihanna. I prefer heels.

Anyway Hope you all have a Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas / С Рождеством! for those my readers who celebrate it on Jan. 7 as I do.

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