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If you live in Lima you probably know that last Saturday was an Art Night at Miraflores (touristic part of the city). Wanna share here some “photo drops” of it.

Those balloons at Parque Kennedy looked so awesome, I am not sure if they were the part of the “Breathing Trees” installation by  Laurent Louyer. “Breathing Tree” itself were the transformation of the trees into the lungs of the city. Anyway maybe because I was tired (after my 1st ever boat trip 3 hours) – their breathes sounded to me kind of creepy.

And the light projection changed their colors.

I loved the activities organized by MALI (Museo de Arte de Lima): “Construyendo el MALI” – developing a Large Mosaic of small pictures of the works from collection of MALI. And the result of Mosaic supposed to show the facade of the museum.

And in another activity participants were invited to paint the wooden puzzle pieces.

And then those pieces were connected together to form a collective sculpture.

A close-up of “Los Pasajeros” by Pierre Surtel

Noche en Blanco 2012 Lima

Urban Art by Toyota. If to watch from the central point the car supposed to dissolve or disappear because of an image on it and an image on background.

Another part of the event – 1000 Metros de Pintura Peruana ( 1000 meters of peruvian painting).

by Luz Letts

by Fito Espinoza

noche en blanco 2012

by Luighi Tang

by Sheyla (Shila) Alvorado

Noche en Blanco 2012 Lima

by Jairo Robinson.

Here the total collection of all 1000 metres 

I mostly liked the event. Hope you also enjoyed watching it by my photos.

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