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This Friday on August 24 I was invited for an inauguration of Choco Museo Lima as a BIG fan of Chocleeet.
Yeah, yeah ChocoMuseo now in Lima Yay!!!

It’s located at Calle Berlin 375, entre Recavarren & Libertad. You can find it on 4sq – ChocoMuseo – Yulia Katkova already became a Mayor boo! But there are already 2 pics of me

Before the event. Teyla helping me out to pick the right clothes, badges, shoes – That’s My Girl!

Finally Arrived!
chocomuseo 02

I think it was a strawberry shake, Im not sure
But I loved it.
chocomuseo 03

Me wandering by the Museum.


I spy with my little eye smth with Cacao!

Aha, so that is the Type of Soap I should be using!

More Chocleet!

And even More Chocleeet!

Me & a Choco Wolf by SugarLab

chocomuseo 10

chocomuseo 11

chocomuseo 12

chocomuseo 13

chocmuseo 27

Choco/Cacao Tree & Its Parts

chocomuseo 15

Choco Facts

“Mortar and Pestle” is a Tool used to Crush the Cacao Grains

Choco Spices, mmm!

Roasting Choco/Cacao Beans.

Girl Showing How to Roast Beans.
@YuliaKatkova Can we have it home PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

Beans are Ready to Be Shuck.

Hot Beans.

Shucking Beans.

Shucks & Beans.

Tasting Cocoa Beans. Yulia tried & says them taste like Coffee Beans & Pea Nuts.

Crushing Beans.

Crushed Beans.

I gave it a try. But it was Really Hard for me!

Wandering around the Place.

Flowers & Choco Sweets.

Choco & Fruits.

Cacao Tea & Choco Pisco.

Hot Cacao Tea.

Choco Pisco.

With Clara-Isabel.

Clara-Isabel with me.

Two Choco Chefs hehe

I am popular Yay!

With my Photographer @YuliaKatkova

So after such Chocleeet Friday Night My Weekend should be Awesome!
Wish you all having a Nice Weekend Too!

P.S. Thanks for Photo to ChocoMuseo Lima & Yulia Katkova.

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