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This Time Around

This Time Around

The funniest thing happened with this project – I could finish and sent it A WHILE ago. But for some reason I have opened this project by clicking through the banner on some site somewhere in end of July. Quickly read over the page, found it interesting and left it opened for later reading. And then totally forgot about that tab. Later in Oct. was passing over the-forever-opened-tabs – and found it. For my wonder the sign up end date was in few days – so I signed up.

At the end of November received my empty sketchbook and prepared to fill it up with my ideas. On Jan. 8 – I finally ended working on my Sketchbook and sent it to Brooklyn Art Library.

Name for this project was inspired by the soundtrack from movie “Elizabethtown” – “This Time Around” IO (Helen Stellar) – not the one used in my video (Adventure by Philippine music writer Les Cruz).

If you are in United States perhaps you may catch up the tour:

Brooklyn – March 1-3
Austin – March 8-10
Atlanta – March 15-17
Toronto – June 7-9
Chicago – July 12-14
Portland July 19-21
SF – July 26-28
LA – Aug 2-4
Detailed Info Here 


Here the pics of my participation in @The Sketchbook Project (
ATTENTION! Get Ready for the storm of the pictures!

And some pictures of process backstage:

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