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Cathedral of Plaza de Armas in Arequipa.

Inside the cathedral they don’t allow video recording & hats for both men & women.

Arzobispado de Arequipa – Ca. San Francisco 118. Guide said the pink color of “sillar” (volcanic stone) is its natural color.

Complejo San Francisco

Calles de Arequipa • Streets of Arequipa


Blue Saga… Still don’t get why saga is blue in Arequipa…

Puente Grau • Bridge Grau

Distrito y Plaza Yanahuara • District & Square Yanahuara

Queso Helado • Cheese Ice cream

Campos • Fields

Mirador de Carmen Alto • Viewpoint Carmen Alto

Coca, Papaya Arequipeña & Queso Helado Arequipeño





Fields/Campos & El Palacio de Goyeneche

Mansiñon del Fundador

Refri antiguo jeje – ancient fridge

Water filter – Guide said it takes 2 hours per 1 liter.

Can’t read the second line…

The right (orange) alpaca  was acting like a cat


Molinos Coloniales y Caballos. Guy with my horse.

From the horse

Water mill

Wind Mill

Andenes de Paucarpata

Photos by me, Yulia Katkova

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