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Kiss (copy of Painting By G. Klimt)

Yeah, well today I want to tell about this my new painting, which appears at the beginning of October. Copy of “Kiss” by Gustav Klimt. So well, idea to make copy appeared when I was thinking about the present for my boyfriend. And I thought, ok well I don’t have too much time to make a portrait, because as I understand, that to paint his portrait I need to make a very big and deap analyse work. That it will be more sensal portrait, not only the correctly made photo, a a half surrealistic effect, it has to be smth very deep, full of senses and emotions, and full of him. Ok anyway when I will do this work I will dedicate one o few entry here to it, right now I m making this entry because of another Painting. So it was really very funny to paint it, and to hide all the time when my boyfriend came home. And the most funny thing was at the final evening, when I was painted all evening, and I was sre he will come late, but it already was late, and when I heard the lock of the door down stairs opened, I thought it is he… I sit while with paintbrush in my hands, and when I heard as he opened the door of our appartments I jumped like a cat touched a water, and hided the painting, and it was really good I put canvases for my new painting to the flour, but they were empty clean canvases :). But well I had the sketches, and pencels at the flour, the only thing it was a smell in the room of oil… So when he entered in the room, i was standing with one empty canvas, and asked him: “Interesting, yeah?” – he: “yeah, interesting…” He was tired that evening, and went to check tv, better say sleep with tv on the background. And so I got calm, and put all things back, and over 1 hour the painting was finished.

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