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Night Fantasy…. Part III

Night Fantasy…. Part III

So ok today at last I could show some parts, and explain why I still didn’t finish this one and why I am still working on it…
Soo first thing and most important of all – I am really busy with all these things I am working on currently. Now I can continue in details… First I was obsessed on creation one painting and here u can see it done here…

Then I was busy over a few weeks with this video

After it I have mmm may be one day of small relax and was working a bit on my this painting and then had another days with another video

So ok these last few days I was working with this painting… I was almost finished 2 canvases and have not finished one big and two small ones… Of course I hope to finish this one as soon as possible, but anyway now I feel I can’t plan when 😀

Little People…..

Little People…..

One more collection of photographies. Ok, so this collection appeares accidentaly when last year I took a picture of me from top. Then I continued to do it as with me as with children who I know. Children are very good for that cause they are likes play and to make them to convert in fairy or somebody esle are very very easy. Anyway in this serie sometimes I also use myself as a model… Cause i like to take pictures of myself too. And of course it is not clean photo, but photo edition…

Purchase info…

Night Fantasy – part two

Ok, so here I am. I just made me sure this new painting will be 5 canvases. And I already began with 3, moon and Two girls. So just wanted to post this image. Anyway at the end I am going to make a post and explain the idea… See you late when will finish this new one… lol


My third order… I just finished my second order, portrait of Olya… And I had a conversation to Tonia, one lady, she was like a friend for us(me and my mother) in that time. She was wonedering to see my recent order. And when she heard that i paint for order a present for birthday(Portrait of Olya), she decided that she willl make such present for her daughter too. Plus the birthday will be very soon. So we decided to do , but i needed Alyona, or her photos. Good thing in that time I spent too much time with her. And plus in that time I was working on one photo serie “Little People”, fantasy style. Alyona, she is a little girl in summer 2007, she was 10 years old. We talked together, she was asking me all the time to tell her anecdotes, or any funny short stories. Also she like when I used her like a model for my photos, and then show her the done product. So for me was not so hard to make another serie of photos of this little fairy. She likes fantasy A LOT. So decided to make her like a little fairy, plus she has an interesting face, like a face of girl from paintings of Boticceli.
I made some quick photo editions with her photos I got, and talked to her mother, found some photos of fantasy forest. I also remembered one fabulous weird evening online, i spent in messenger chating with one person, we used the background, something like a fatasy forest and pond, and for me it was more weird because i listenning the beautiful music of a Bach, Air…
So I began to paint very quickly, but then I felt how I was bothered by the days which we were working, and how I wanted just to do my paintings, and nothing more. So it disturbed me, and that’s why i had some problems at the final part, when I felt that I would like that this painting was more fresh, and not filled with this feeling of desturbing.
But anyway I found it intersting, and the work process, I like a lot to make surprises, i am not so glad to get gift, I am more excited to make gifts, presents, surprises… I like this process. And also I like to have a seret, from someone, and then to show it… It is interesting for me a lot. So while I was working with this painting, I as painted, as was busy with surprise and secret :)

Night Fantasy

I am about to begin one new painting. Better said that I have begin it last night. As I think this one will be on 6 or 5 canvases, depends of girl fairy who is sitting down at the ground. I am still deciding will I add a canvas for her head or I will draw her in one not squared canvas. The idea is to try to make and interesting way of using few canvases for one work. The three girls are a fairies, background will be night fantasy forest. I ‘d like to paint this work in mood like I painted portrait of a fairy. And ok the fairies will be naked, what will add a bit of mature content. Last night I was working on first the most little canvas, but it because this night I finished one work, which is a surprise, and that to show that I was worked, I quickly make a sketch of a moon, and put all first layer :)

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