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Roses for YOU…

Roses for YOU…

Roses for YOU...Jul. – Aug. 2006, oil on canvas, 38 x 41.

Currently keeping in collection of my mother, Tashkent.

The story of this Painting is next: ?I was in Love with one guy… We had a Fabulous Internet relationship… With interesting exchange of art pieces, I paint for him & about us Paintings, ?he wrote for me and about us screenplays in Woody Allen style. This relationship also was with fabulous Online fights… & very sad silence… Though this silence always kept somewhere any symbol, by him for me, or by me for him… Anyway for 1 year since we knew each other I painted this work. Influented by his short screenplay “Vampire” by Edward Munch painting… Funny thing Edward named this his work “Love ?& Pain”… Painting is about one of his love Julia (red haired girl). And more later one russian psychoanalyst renamed this work from “Love & Pain” to “Vampire”. Like woman as a vampire who sucks man… Though I am used to think this is two lovers and he was so sincere, honest to her and told something that made him show his feelings. And so he just hides his face in her knees, ’cause as strong person can’t allow to show tears.
Ok anyway everybody has right o understand this Munch’s work in his own way.
That time when I published this work I also wrote these lines which are following this work… ?

“…The candles are already lighted and their light is softly dispersed in the room, creating slight shade. Opened piano is in the corner. The red and white roses are softly lying on the ivory. The roses and ivory create the fabulous game of my most favorite colours: RED, WHITE & BLACK…
…The candles are crackling softly. Champagne was poured. Everything is prepared for these two. Everything is waiting for them, but… But the road is retarding them. They are still far away from each other, but anyway they are together…?
…He has stolen her heart forever, and she is always feeling his presence near herself. They both know they are created for each other, they both don’t fancy their existence without each other. They just have to overcome, to survive these troubles, that then to meet each other and never to be separated more. Forever to be together. And now they just surviving this time, which teaches them to understand more each other, to learn each other…?
…The traits of Vampire” by E. Munch are appearing in the dark gloom…?
…She is completely understanding everything, and he can’t keep it inside more…?
…No, it’s not VAMPIRE”, IT IS…?
…”LOVE & PAIN”…”

P. S. Somebody could remeber this work had duble name… Yeah I changed it to this…

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