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Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Today I have finished this new painting “Desert Rose/Beauty of a Naked Girl”. Decision accidentally appered in my mind last week and I today I felt me so ready to make it, well ready to take paintbrush and begin. But during a hour of painting I understood, that I could finish this one today. 1 hour more and paintng was done :) Hope u like result ?

Wanna a bit more info follow this link

Night Fantasy…. Part III

Night Fantasy…. Part III

So ok today at last I could show some parts, and explain why I still didn’t finish this one and why I am still working on it…
Soo first thing and most important of all – I am really busy with all these things I am working on currently. Now I can continue in details… First I was obsessed on creation one painting and here u can see it done here…

Then I was busy over a few weeks with this video

After it I have mmm may be one day of small relax and was working a bit on my this painting and then had another days with another video

So ok these last few days I was working with this painting… I was almost finished 2 canvases and have not finished one big and two small ones… Of course I hope to finish this one as soon as possible, but anyway now I feel I can’t plan when 😀

Night Fantasy – part two

Ok, so here I am. I just made me sure this new painting will be 5 canvases. And I already began with 3, moon and Two girls. So just wanted to post this image. Anyway at the end I am going to make a post and explain the idea… See you late when will finish this new one… lol

Night Fantasy

I am about to begin one new painting. Better said that I have begin it last night. As I think this one will be on 6 or 5 canvases, depends of girl fairy who is sitting down at the ground. I am still deciding will I add a canvas for her head or I will draw her in one not squared canvas. The idea is to try to make and interesting way of using few canvases for one work. The three girls are a fairies, background will be night fantasy forest. I ‘d like to paint this work in mood like I painted portrait of a fairy. And ok the fairies will be naked, what will add a bit of mature content. Last night I was working on first the most little canvas, but it because this night I finished one work, which is a surprise, and that to show that I was worked, I quickly make a sketch of a moon, and put all first layer :)

Naked girl


So the first idea was to make a series of naked women, for this moment it is interesting for me. And i decided to try to create such series. This one is the first one, i chosed the theme from the history. This girl is that great courtesan, Tais from Athens, the lover of Alexandr the Great. And I also like the song by Sting “Desert Rose”. So I wanted to paint this naked girl, this Tais, as a Desert Rose. And as a background I decided to make the Uzbek ancient architecture. Ok, I began to paint, and all was ok, the work went well… But I wanted JUST to paint work, and that it doesn’t have reflection in my real life. So first thing which happened is… I painted Tais, she is black haired. And accidentally I changed the hair color. Ok, it is not so dreadful, as it seemed, but anyway. Ok now I even stoped for a while to painted this work because I feel it is like a some kind of fight, between me and this painting. Because my relationship with my country right now is very difficult. I have a problems with documents. And here in this work, it is like a person, who looks in her Past… But the only thing for this moment I didn’t find a key, how to show the she and backgroud are separated, that is only background, showed her Past, and showed the beauty of ancient architecture, and the contrast between ancient beauty, and young beauty, beauty of her body. So now I am trying to find this key, and to finish this work. Also I feel as soon as I will found this key, my situation in real life with documents will be done. So I believe this days I will do it, I will find this cure for it. Anyway for me it is very strange, at the first time I am feeling such strong relationships between me and my painting, it feels like it is very proud person, and I am with my crappy goat as a car absolutely impossible to come to her :) So I neet to find that thing which will help me to melt her heart off…

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