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Day 15 “O”, “P” & “Q” #abcDay

Day 15 “O”, “P” & “Q” #abcDay

Day 15 from “ABC” project.
Mar 07, 2011.

“O” stands for “Origami”.

"O" Day

"O" Day

“P” stands for “Play Cards” & “Play Time”.

"P" Day

"P" Day

“Q” stands for “Quotes”.

*** Quotes on The Wall ***
01. “Once a Bear Has Been Loved by a Human Being, Its Expression is Forever Marked.”
– Jama Kim Rattigan.

02. “First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh at You, Then They Fight You, Then You Win.”
– Gandhi.

03. “There is Probably Nothing that a Bear So Dislikes as a Good Wash”
– Marion C. Gorretty

04. “The Acquiring of Culture is The Development of an Avid Hunger for Knowledge and Beauty.”
– Bennett, Jesse

05. “By Plucking Her Petals, You Do Not Gather The Beauty of The Flower.”
– Rabindranath Tagore

06. “You Really Don’t Have To Be Young To Find A Friend In A Teddy Bear…”
– Rachel Newman

07. “You Have to Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True.”
– Abdul Kalam

08. “Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow. The Important Thing is Not to Stop Questioning.”
– Albert Einstein.

09. “Are There Women in New York Who Are Just There To Make Us Feel Bad About Ourselves?”
– Sarah Jessica Parker

10. “Fear Has Its Use But Cowardice Has None.”
– Gandhi.

11. “What is Not Started Today is Never Finished Tomorrow.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

12. “The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

13. “If You Have a Dream, Give It a Chance to Happen.”
– Richard M. DeVos

14. “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil – And You’ll Never Be Invited To a Party.”
– Oscar Wilde.

"Q" Day

"Q" Day

Ziggy’s Wagon and Animal House

Ziggy’s Wagon and Animal House

At night I was checking how to get those 2 badges and accidentally understood I might have them. Here the explanation:

Ziggy’s Wagon:

Ziggy's Wagoon - Food Truck

Try to remember where you have a near food trucks  and make check-in in 3 of them. But important – venues should be in category Food Truck. And it is not confirmed that check-ins in venues tagged “food truck” but not food truck category will bring you this badge.

Animal House:

Animal House

Just make a search for venues tagged “frat boys”, then visit 3 different ones and check-in there.

P. S. Too bad still can get “Warhol” & “Great Outdoors”. Well for “Warhol” not enough visited galleries. And I hope I figured out the Great Outdoors, but still not sure, need to visit all those 7 different venues which have main category “Park / Outdoor” But it shouldn’t be only parks.

New Foursquare Badge

New Foursquare Badge

American Red Cross

American Red Cross“Congratulations! Your blood donation may have just helped to save a life.”

How to get:

Shout “Donation Red Cross” (But best if you are also a donor).

P.S. Did you notice new foursquare badges have a shield look…

My 3 New Foursquare Badges

My 3 New Foursquare Badges

You found 3 places with a photobooth!
So how to get this badge in Lima, hm very easy, guess each tourist can unlock this badge being in Lima in 1 or 2 days. First making checking at airport VIP Club Lounge – Aeropuerto Lima, and next day take a city trip and make check-ins in next two places 1. Larcomar and 2. Plaza mayor de Lima. The rule of getting this badge is simple: make check-ins in 3 DIFFERENT locations tagged “PHOTOBOOTH”. Just go to foursquare and make a search for “photobooth” and click tab “Tags”. Just like I do here:

The Backstreet Boys of tech! The Menudo of the interne…. OMG! @NAVEEN JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!

That’s funniest badge ever. I was thinking I should first unlock 6 badges of one of the raw. But LOL it is much more easy. I found one help about unlocking this badge and here it is:
Just click cards with next badges in the next order, that is it:
JetSetter, Super Mayor, Pizzaiolo, Local, Player Please!, and Newbie.

excELLENt fan
♫Have a little fun… today!♫ Look at you, bouncing around town hitting up all of Ellen’s favorite spots! You’re practically BFFs!

Umm, I didn’t get complitely how did I get it. But first important issue is to follow this lady Ellen on foursquare and then check-in in some place.

And I wanted to get Bravo Newbie Badge, but it’s seems to be impossible to get that badge in Lima. Yeah there are some places tagged “bravo”. But as said one blog that Bravo also should leave a tip on the place tagged “bravo”.



Daily Sketch Book 099 - 365

This cactus signifies my feelings after yesterday night’s visiting cinema for watching “Let the Right One In”.
I have read some articles about this movie after I’ve come home. And I found out it even got many premies (“Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature” at the 2008 Tribeca Film FestivalEuropean Fantastic Film Festivals Federation‘s 2008 Méliès d’Or (Golden Méliès) for the “Best European Fantastic Feature Film”, as well as four Guldbagge Awards from the Swedish Film Institute.) & Even it has rating 97% on rottentomatoes.
Well may be…

But all it another time makes me understand that my opinion about such kind of movies & about such kind of Art in generally is so different from big part of people. However later I was talking to my mom and found out she also watched it time ago and supports my opinion about it.
I don’t know why but I dont see too much deep thoughts in most of modern Independent movies. Yeah well there are the thoughts but not that much deep. I do really like Andrei Tarkovsky’s movies. And I can see a lot of thoughts & feelings in there. But in ones I have see recently – the most thing I feel – COLD & SICK ( “Genova”, ” In Bruges”, etc.). Yeah probably this is a reflection of society today – being SICK & COLD regarding each other. Well yesterday’s movie does really have a story, however – all images of movies, emotions of each shot, colors, details disgust me. Such kind of movies disturbs me, hurts me, and makes me feel sick.  Because in my case Art must create not destroy the inner universe. Yeah the final of movie – they are together, but in ugly world where is no room for them… Yeah, or “great” end of movie “In Bruges” he closes his eyes hoping he won’t die… Yeah in my opinion I think he didn’t die, however all “SUCKable” life makes think he died. I don’t like to see sufferable movies with no end but instead of end a space for my fantasy… I came to see something and see opinion of author about special topic. Such things are like making love without orgasm. Or to suffer and don’t get any answer about problem. It makes feel uncomfortable. It makes feel hung up.

Movie for me is a dreamworld with the details, that makes me feel home.  If it doesn’t have it I don’t feel comfort. Details & Images play a lot for me. Because we all are puzzled of many pieces of details, images and all it shows our emotions, feelings; details are showing us.

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