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Sky Surgery

Sky Surgery

On this Monday I had surgery. First I thought it will be only on my head, but then Yulia decided to change full my body inside. Here some photos During & After:

Sky Surgery-1
Sky Surgery-3
Sky Surgery-5
Sky Surgery-7
Sky Surgery-9
Sky Surgery-11
Sky Surgery-12
Sky Surgery-14

Jack Black

Jack Black

Sunday – Monday night my dad came back home from his trip. And he brought us a new friend – Jack Black.
Well He is not that Black but he is funny as that comic so he got that name :)
The most weird thing he smelled weird like a penicillin. And first night he just arrived he took a bath… Pooooooor

Jack's bath
And he was hung till next day lunch… Poor Jackie

Hung Jackie
Poor Jack
Hung Jack

Here he is at the next day. He has a cute black t-shirt with Statue of Liberty, yeah forgot to tell Jackie is from NY.

So when he was clean we were playing together. I was teaching him my dance. But he has his own style of dancing very different from mine

Make such movement as I show you...
I hope Yulia will be able to make soon a video of me dancing my feature dance … Starby and Stefan also good for dancing that dance…. I tell you not every bear can dance that one :)

Let's see if he can dance...
Jackie is very cute, Hope you like him too.

Cleaned Up

Cleaned Up

Do you remember “Ratatouille”, when all rats were cleaned up before they could help him on the kitchen. So I made same procedure with my friends and myself as well.

Ghirardelli, first time taking a bath.


Three of us, me ( Sky), Rosie, and Ghirardelli…


Well I am not scared of it anymore… Forth or fifth time for me… I even like my “Jacuzzi” haha…


Poor Rosie, I feel she is scared however smiles…

In the tube

Three from the top…

Hung Littlies

This I don’t like, and don’t wish even to my enemy… Look a face of Ghirardelli – he is even angry.

Hung littlies

Don’t ask even, Ball never opens her eyes, she is very proud of them, and she does it only in total darkness. You need to deserve she did it. We still don’t…

Hung Littlies

Best thing = we were hung less than 24 hours ( 14 hours or a bit more)…

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