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Sky Full Of Clouds

Sky Full Of Clouds

Sky Full Of Clouds

One of my recent painting. I was writing about this one before. And here I want to publish complete work and details of this work.

In this one I was using some new techniques for sky and for her skin. And also this one is a continuation of the self-Portrait that I didn’t finished for a moment.

Sky Full Of Clouds

Sky Full of Clouds 03 - detail

Sky Full of Clouds 04 - detail

Sky Full of Clouds 05 - detail

Sky Full of Clouds 01 - detail

Sky Full of Clouds 02 - detail

New Painting – logo-girl

New Painting – logo-girl

Today I am gonna tell a bit and show something about painting I am working on now.

Work in progress…



Face changes.


Today finall photo of unfinished work.

Secret : “This work will be very conected with selfportrait I m painting parallel”

Drawing Day June 6 2009

Drawing Day June 6 2009

June 6 2009 was a Drawing Day.
“Drawing Day is a worldwide drawing event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw for the sake of art. Help us create 1 million drawings online this day.” from
Well I read about this event at the night before this day. One of my followers & friends on twitter told me about that. And I decided to participate. Next morning after as soon as i awoke I begin to search place where to sit and draw and make video. I didn’t care too much about what to draw. ’cause these days I was planing to draw one sketch for one my important order. So finally I found place on the bed and put a camera between the ears of my toy-cat :) who was sitting on the books next to me. Well I made these 2 sketches and was gonna edit video when found that my big Toshiba I mean my laptop… so he was dead… Again shows black screen with white lines. Anyway I took his small young bro net book, installed there drives for camera and magic video to convert it to avi… But f!ckig widows movie maker said me that he doesn’t have necessary codec and can’t open files :(. Well I was sad, but decided to participate for a moment just with photos of drawings on

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