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Summer Grass. Tuzello’s Dream.

Summer Grass. Tuzello’s Dream.

Summer Grass. Tuzello's Dream.

Oh, I know well this story.
It is from Yulia’s childhood, when we were constantly fantasizing, inventing stories about her toys, as living beings. There was a lot of characters among her toys. We always were continuing and continuing our fantasies during our free time, whether when we were doing something, or were walking.
There was one wonderfull personage, with name Tuzello, he is very, very, very talanted boy, and always has a huge amount of ideas (Like Yulia). And all his ideas were Great (not just great but Great or GREAT). And idea for this painting was one of such Great ideas of Tuzello. In our “imaginarium” he had a wonderful photo session taken at a beautiful green meadow. The cute girls with the paper planes on the grass.
And now I see Yulia on this grass with these paper planes. All is so bright, so nice, like our stories, our fantasies of that time. May be it is a nostalgia for our fantasies, or simply bright memories from that time, and it still leaves in her mind. Though…I think I need rephrase: she still lives in this fantstic world. And it is so wonderfull. I wish that she lived there always. ’cause it is a kind, good world with interesting things and events, sometimes with impossible changes in the lives of the personages.
Anyway it is very beautiful: Redhaired girl and white paper plans on the bright grass. I love it so much.

Lines of Me, Sky. Naked Truth.

Lines of Me, Sky. Naked Truth.

Today earlier morning I have finished this my new self-portrait:

Lines of Me, Sky. Naked truth.

Idea for this painting came to me accidentally. When I was checking photos of Natalia Vodyanova ( top-model).

Natalia Vodyanova

Firstly I thought to use a small white kitten and so I could have a connection with last year painting “Sad Kitten“. But anyway I don’t have and never had a WHITE kitten. So I decided to stop on second option to use Sky. Option with Sky let me connect this painting with toy series of works with name “Lines of Me”. In which I am trying to show some my lines through the image of one of my fluffy. So Sky was next in line to be painted. But lately after I already finished this work I understood that choice of Sky is also good. Sky as a personage is always telling truth and never lies. So the second part of painting title “Naked Truth” is telling about this line of Sky/me.


I had a very very very busy day on Friday July 09 but I anyway found 2 hours to change my hair, which lol was dirty and to take pics specially for this work. Of course I do not like that much to paint my self-portraits by pics, but this one is better this way.

Progress - Detail

This is yesterday night 11 p.m. 6 hours before it was done…

Progress - Detail

Same time close-up, was taken for discussing it with mom.

My Book has arrived

My Book has arrived

Today I finally got an example of my book. I was using service for publishing this part of my portfolio – Girls. Or a collection of portraits “Female Beauty”.
Here the link where you may order the book as well – My Book



Red Moments

Red Moments

Red Moments Of My Life

Feb.04 2010
Oil on canvas
65 x 81 cm
Lima, Peru

There are a lot of self-portraits appeared between 2005-2010. Red-haired girl is always like a mirror with life, thoughts & feelings of painter. Those continuing series of portraits shows changes in the artist’s life. It is like a time line with images.
*Red moments…* includes A lot of red color, probably the name is coming from this point. Red is a color of Passion, main feeling of her life.
Hair is red and has an unusual shape. It tells how many feelings, thoughts, colors are born and live in her mind now. Different ideas appeared in her mind and ask to go outside, to canvas, to life. Anyway same as every where in her works there is an unchanged personage – sky. Which is broken in many pieces here between this huge red masses. One piece of sky is set in the cage. Strong but fragile figure of red-haired girl gently holds this cage. Carefully and carelessly in same moment. Upper hand puts cage on risk and lower hand is ready to rescue it in any moment. I remember * Freedom in the cage* of 2005 with cage filled of lonely sky. Here in *Red moments…* sky is not that lonely but with two little birds inside of the cage. And lower hand is ready to take care of this little pair of birds. It seems she is intending to save them and their love at anytime…

Y.K. :
This portrait is a first work which beginning this series.
I was reviewing the works I’ve done during the recent period of my life and I came to point – I’m feeling pretty enough (even: ENOUGH) of Blue Color. Middle 2008 till Fall 2009 – period I am talking about. I was thinking why “Blue” is dominant. Well the point I guess is clear when I feel not good = I am feeling “Blue” and just transmit it on canvas. I check works of 2007 – and same thing is there. Period of my life when I am feeling “blue” – sad, bored, not ok, life is seemed stopped in strange hung condition, nothing happened or at least not what I wanted to happen, and yada yada yada…
Ok so for this moment I was thinking that I am pretty ready to change blue to whatever… And then I decided to set me a couple of portraits painted each one in special color gamma… So this one is supposed to be red, however I had doubts. Idea came to my mind to paint girl with huge hair bunch on her head ( inspiration for that came from many historical movies I watched…) I was going to search for photo references of that hair style, but it came to me itself… ( latinstock perú – facebook page)


I am sure I am not alone here with finding exactly necessary things when they are on my mind… Or seeing that people are working on same ideas exactly in that very moment. I usually explain it as: Ideas are floating in the air up there somewhere in the atmosphere and we have access to it. But just some of us are using that information.

I began to work on it, but still had hesitation about background. It didn’t take me too long to find out what I can do with it…

Also I was using here a 3D effect of painting hair. So this canvas CAN’T ever be rolled.


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