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Summer Grass. Tuzello’s Dream.

Summer Grass. Tuzello’s Dream.

Summer Grass. Tuzello's Dream.

Oh, I know well this story.
It is from Yulia’s childhood, when we were constantly fantasizing, inventing stories about her toys, as living beings. There was a lot of characters among her toys. We always were continuing and continuing our fantasies during our free time, whether when we were doing something, or were walking.
There was one wonderfull personage, with name Tuzello, he is very, very, very talanted boy, and always has a huge amount of ideas (Like Yulia). And all his ideas were Great (not just great but Great or GREAT). And idea for this painting was one of such Great ideas of Tuzello. In our “imaginarium” he had a wonderful photo session taken at a beautiful green meadow. The cute girls with the paper planes on the grass.
And now I see Yulia on this grass with these paper planes. All is so bright, so nice, like our stories, our fantasies of that time. May be it is a nostalgia for our fantasies, or simply bright memories from that time, and it still leaves in her mind. Though…I think I need rephrase: she still lives in this fantstic world. And it is so wonderfull. I wish that she lived there always. ’cause it is a kind, good world with interesting things and events, sometimes with impossible changes in the lives of the personages.
Anyway it is very beautiful: Redhaired girl and white paper plans on the bright grass. I love it so much.

Newest-Latest Painting – Selfportrait

Newest-Latest Painting – Selfportrait

So today I finally began this my new selfportrait. Though few times was gonna stop myself at the morning and begin next week. Well I had few reasons to change my decision.?
First of all I awoke a bit later in 9.20, and had breakfast till 10.30 reading emails, and bible(I usually read 1 chapter in day and usually find there some answer of what i m thinking ). Then I thought too much time I lost ’cause awoke later and still need to wash hair & to put it in order. Then I said well but I wanted to paint today and I will do it, nothing will stop me.
Second I finally put myself in order spent just 15 mnutes and was ok… But I had no time all week to go to order me new contact glasses. My ones had a problem and I do not use them, only in cases if i need to make some photos and I need to see and be without usual glasses. Because of my ones are old, protein pimples appeaed on the out surface of them. So I can support many things but that is very difficult to stand when smth is itching your eyes when you blink. Well anyway I was obsessed of idea of this new painting so I decided I will begin ANYWAY, as I said before, nothing will stop me!

Third reason when I was already about to leave idea of panting today is when I was puting this big canvas 110 x 80 cm to tripod… I needed somebody to help me ’cause tripod doesn’t want to stand while I puting canvas. It all the time fell LOL, opened its legs… Well after it fell 3 or 4 times I was really angry, plus contact glasses hurt my eyes, this F!!cking tripod is falling and falling. I just scream to my poor tripod, name it who it is ( lol in russian, ’cause in that language such words are more powerfull xD… well I made it soo loud even my favorite noisy neighbours became silent, probably didn’t understand my words, decided that I was angry at them…) Anyway I got calm understanding that this poor not alive thing – tripod understood that I want to paint today and it must help me. So after all those words it stood well as I needed it and didn’t fall more.
So well finally I began it… Even though I had no so much time ’cause of eyes… But anyway I got some result for today, And here I am publishing it…..

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